About our Orthodontic Office

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We are very proud of our treatment facility. It stands as the first limestone office building in Katy/West Houston, Texas and set a trend for many more “Hill Country” inspired structures in this area. The stone was transported from a quarry in central Texas. It is accented with brick-bordered arches, sections of tin roof and topped off with a picturesque cupola. The design came about as an amalgamation of the thoughts and visions of architect Don Leighton-Burwell and Dr. Anderson.

The interior was designed to offer a relaxing, casually elegant environment that puts visitors at ease, while at the same time functions as an efficient layout for the delivery of orthodontic patient care. Most of the art displayed consists of photographs of our treated patients. Their faces and smiles are the “art forms” we work with them to create. We want them to be “showcased”.

We look forward to your many visits to our Katy, TX orthodontics office. Our hope is that you enjoy each and every one of them. Drop by and say hello soon!