No MSG Sample Shopping List (Series) Eat Healthy, Eat Disciplined, Stop Hurting, and Feel Better

(Always read food labels and look for the hidden MSG alias names like Natural Flavors, Modified Food Starch, Yeast Extract, Malted Barley, Mono Sodium Glutamate, etc.)

Much has been researched and written on the effects of MSG (Mono Sodium Glutamate) on the human body. The following information provides much “food for thought”. I want my patients to be healthy and happy. It really is true that “we are what we eat”. This information is meant to inform. Of course, how it applies to each individual will vary, and each individual should consult their personal physician before adjusting their diets, as one may have conditions contraindicating the consumption of some of these food stuffs. Also, particular store references may not be complete. These are just ones of which I’ve been informed. Feel free to research the effects of MSG and let me know if you disagree with the studies you review.

Suggestion: Try to cook from scratch when possible!

Aloe Juice: is good natural drink to offset MSG inflammation improves digestion; dilute with Orange juice or make into hot tea with honey and sugar.

Bacon: Avoid at all times – All has MSG (Darn! I love bacon!)

Beef: Raw, no preservatives, no spice, wrapped in cellophane or butcher paper
Salt & Pepper only, no Meat Tenderizers
          No pre-seasoned anything

Butter: Buy Salted Butter only vs Sweet Cream Butter
             Check Sweet Cream Butter labeling for artificial flavors.
             Falfurius Brand is thought to be good.

Bread: Only Great Harvest Honey Wheat loaves cooked daily, unless you are on a Gluten free diet.
             No Malted Barley Wheat

Broth: Kitchen Basics is thought to be a good brand.

Chicken: Raw, no preservatives, no spice, only wrapped in cellophane or butcher paper
Salt and Pepper only
                No pre-seasoned anything

(To be continued)