Orthodontic Clinic

the-clinicThe clinical layout was a product of the ideas of our former patients, Louis D. Anderson, D.D.S., M.S. and our architect. Special attention was paid to many items, but privacy, patient flow and creating an adult orthodontic area were high on the list of priorities. This photograph shows our adult clinical area, with on-deck seating and private-bays, as opposed to the most often seen open-bay concept. Each operatory has one or two large windows so patients can view plush greenery while being treated, and each operatory is fully equipped with all that is needed to meet our patients’ needs. Also, our clinic computer stations are networked with our imaging systems so we can “pull up” pertinent information for our patients at chairside whenever needed.

Moisture proof napkins and protective eyewear are available for each patient, and Dr. Anderson and staff wear masks and latex-free gloves while treating every patient. A variety of listening music is provided with our Sirius-XM satellite radio system.

A very important service we provide in the treatment of our patients is made possible through our in-house Orthodontic Laboratory. Most of the appliances we use are made in this lab. For example, instead of utilizing outside orthodontic labs to make our retainers when braces are removed, our in-house lab allows us to fabricate and deliver them to our patients on the same day, reducing significantly the chances of the teeth drifting at this most critical time. Our patients, staff and Dr. Anderson work too hard to achieve excellent results to allow the teeth to drift while waiting for an outside laboratory to fabricate, and transport these retainers back to us. Achieving excellent results has always been a very high priority in our office and proper retention of those results is essential if orthodontic treatment is to be a life-long benefit to our patients.