Patient Reviews

We came here on the recommendation of Dr. James. He assured us clinical perfection would be the end result. The adjustments for us were driving farther away, longer appointments and higher cost. Knowing that Diego’s teeth would be perfectly aligned and not compromised by a desire to turn over patients more quickly made it all worth it. At no time did I feel Dr. Anderson’s end goal was anything but a great smile, taking into account all of the details that he considers. It was wonderful to have treatment with an orthodontist that continues to learn new techniques, but that still values quality over quantity. It is very evident in the attention to detail, from the first consultation to the last appointment. Thank you for your attention to detail and for making it clear to Diego what needed to be done for a successful treatment. I appreciate it! Everyone looks for different qualities when deciding on an orthodontist. We got what we wanted and will gladly refer business to this office.
Thank you also to the entire staff for their kindness, courtesy and constant professionalism. It never went unnoticed or underappreciated!
P.S. Your waiting room has the best, most current magazine selection ever!

c-davisI would just like to say that I have very much enjoyed my treatment at this office. The staff has been extremely kind, courteous and encouraging, and I have never had a better experience at any other facility, be it in dentistry, medical or any other type of office. Thank you so much for the great times and, of course, your hard work on my behalf!

Thanks again for going above and beyond just caring for my daughter’s orthodontic needs and showing that, at Anderson Orthodontics, you really care about each patient! Everyone on your team is wonderful. It doesn’t matter if I talk to you or Peggy or one of the techs. You are all amazing to work with and I can’t even imagine trusting anyone else with my children.

p1This is the best Ortho I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with! I have three children and have now started the process on my 3rd child. I just want to say that the work they do and the service they provide goes beyond satisfying the customer and patient. The Damon system they use is phenomenal! Most Ortho’s I checked into wanted to pull several of my kids’ teeth, but Dr. Anderson’s knowledge and skill saved their teeth and gave them beautiful smiles! The staff is very friendly and willing to go that extra mile to work with you or help you in whatever situation arises. I have never been happier! Keep up the great service! You are a Diamond!

When I visited Dr. Anderson for my first consultation, I had already listened to the opinions of nearly ten other orthodontists about the two teeth growing on the roof of my mouth. All of them suggested pulling the two teeth, as well as two perfectly good teeth on the bottom, as a quick, easy solution. Dr. Anderson was different. He assured my parents and me that he would try his best to save those two teeth. A few years later, it is impossible to tell that those teeth were ever out of place. Also, he was one of the few orthodontists that noticed my lower jaw growing to the left and has been carefully monitoring it since my treatment began. His professionalism never ceases to impress me, in addition to the care and attention he puts into his work, Dr. Anderson strives to engender the best smiles he can, even with complicated cases like mine, instead of taking the easy way out. Every day I am grateful that he is my orthodontist and I would recommend him to anyone!

Dr. Anderson and his staff have been wonderful to our family over the years! Been very pleased with all the outcomes. KB

mMostafaMy experience with Dr. Anderson was great. My treatment was not easy I had some problems with short roots. Dr. Anderson was honest with me and told me that we might not reach our goal, but Dr. Anderson made it happen!! I am very happy with the final result. His staff is amazing, humble nice and warm people that will help you with anything. I would definitely recommend him to anyone. ME

Very pleased with my results! I had a terrible bite after years of grinding my teeth…now my bite is comfortable and correct, and I’ m so much happier with my smile. Dr. A and his staff were awesome!!!! I did exactly what they told me and I had my braces off in 2 yrs. Very happy overall! ML

Dr. Anderson, I am so thankful that I came across you. I can’t imagine where my Jewel would be without you. I knew she was in trouble, but after talking with you I was as ease. I only wish everyone was as good as you are. They say at the end of the tunnel there is light and at the end of the rainbow there is a pot of gold. I just say there is Dr.A . WB – Lake Jackson, Tx.

I always feel that my family has been so lucky to have Dr. Anderson as our orthodontist. I didn’t get my teeth correct because every orthodontist suggested me to pull out two teeth. Till meeting Dr. Anderson, My teeth got to correct perfectly without extracting any teeth. Now I can smile loudly without any concern and any embarrassing. I brought my son to an orthodontist in sugar land when he was in third grade. He got under bite issue and had to fix it. We spent $2000 and didn’t see any progress. That orthodontist still asked more money for further treatments. So we had to stop. I have been feeling so happy and lucky that we found Dr. Anderson in time. My son got his under bite correct under Dr. Anderson’s treatment and his looking had quite changed. His looking became much better after his under bite got correct. This month, after his braces off, I was so satisfied and happy to see his beautiful teeth. Thanks a lot for all efforts on me and my son from Dr. Anderson and his staff in these more five years. They are always very nice and always try their best to do excellent job. Dr. Anderson is a fantastic orthodontist! We definitely recommend Dr. Anderson to any friends and other people. LK

From beginning to end, my experience at Anderson orthodontics was first class. Dr. Anderson’s attention to detail is exceptional. He sets and delivers the highest standard in all aspects of the patient experience, including initial consultation, treatment and administration. My wife is now a patient as are my 2 children. This is a great team of genuinely nice people. ML

Dr. Anderson has just finished my son’s braces. We are so pleased with his and his team’s work. Dr. Anderson has done a great job on my son’s teeth and all the teeth are just looking perfect now. Not only that, he and his team are so nice, so friendly, and so thoughtful that we will be benefited for a lifetime. Thank you, Dr. Anderson, and thank you all! HS

When I began the process of finding an orthodontist in the Katy area to treat our oldest daughter, I asked both our pediatric and adult dentist for recommendations. Without pause, both said that they would only recommend one orthodontist in our area: Dr. Anderson. Dr. A and his staff are courteous and professional. The proof is in the pudding; our daughter just had her braces removed and she looks terrific! Her treatment was well worth both the investment of time and money. When friends and neighbors ask me to recommend an orthodontist in our area, I send them straight to Dr. Anderson. RS

2When I began the process of finding an orthodontist in the Katy area to treat our oldest daughter, I asked both our pediatric and adult dentist for recommendations. Without pause, both said that they would only recommend one orthodontist in our area: Dr. Anderson. Dr. A and his staff are courteous and professional. The proof is in the pudding; our daughter just had her braces removed and she looks terrific! Her treatment was well worth both the investment of time and money. When friends and neighbors ask me to recommend an orthodontist in our area, I send them straight to Dr. Anderson. RB

Dr. Anderson is an excellent orthodontist – I’m glad I listened to the referral of my coworker and former patient. I was under his treatment for two years after relocating from California in the middle of my treatment. Not only did Dr. Anderson accept me as a transfer patient, he also went above and beyond to correct my bite and overall smile in the least amount of time. Dr. A is a perfectionist who’s very detailed oriented and I can certainly appreciate that. The results seen in his patients are the best evidence that Dr. A does not settle for “good enough”. The staff is professional, patient, friendly, and honest. Dr. A and his staff are aligned with not sugar-coating the reality of the treatment. They offer clear guidance on how to obtain the best results by following directions. It’s very easy to contact Dr. A and/or his staff with questions – either by phone or email. Now that I’ve had my braces off for a year and I’ve followed all the retainer instructions I have been given the green light to only wear the retainer while sleeping. I’ve also received many compliments on my smile! Thank you Dr. A, Sharon, and the rest of the staff for all your patience in helping me get to this point. I will not let you down, just like y’all didn’t.DH

I am a former patient of Dr. Anderson. He was recommended to me by friend who had recently gotten his braces off and really liked the result. I previously had braces, but due to an uneven growth of my jaw my teeth shifted. This second time through, Dr. Anderson and his staff made the whole experience significantly better than my previous orthodontist was able too. They are all very friendly, professional and conscious of their patients. I got my braces off about a month ago and I could not be happier with the results. If anyone is considering getting braces I definitely recommend you schedule an appointment with Dr. Anderson! FB

Dr. Anderson and his staff are very professional, caring and knowledgeable in the field of orthodontics. My daughter originally was a transfer patient of Dr. A because she was already in the Damon System braces. Her outcome was amazing with such a beautiful smile!! The system is unlike traditional braces, having less pain and shorter treatment time. I was referred to Dr. A for TMJ problems including pain and an abnormal bite. Since I had already had braces as a teen, my teeth were essentially straight, but my previous orthodontist had not accounted for 2 undersized teeth in the front. Therefore, this caused issues over many years resulting in me grinding my teeth and severely wearing down my TMJ. In only 1 year and 3 months, Dr. A widened my bite and made the appropriate spaces to accommodate for the undersized teeth. This relieved the pressure in my jaw and I no longer have pain or clicking/popping in my TMJ. Dr. A will work closely with my dentist so make sure that I have the proper bonding or veneers to fill in the created spaces to complete my treatment. I would highly recommend Dr. Anderson as he expects perfection from himself and his staff with his patients’ best interest in mind.

p2Dr. Anderson has treated three of my kids and the fourth one just started. He has done excellent work and the office staff is friendly and well organized. I researched several orthodontists and am very happy that we chose Dr. Anderson. The Herbst appliance that he used was a great addition to their overall care, and I don’t know of another orthodontist who uses that. He is very knowledgeable, professional and detail oriented. Just the kind of ortho you want! DA

I would recommend Dr. Anderson to anyone who needs any sort of orthodontic care. His staff is kind and hardworking, his office is a comfortable, loving, and encouraging environment. Dr. Anderson is friendly, professional, and very detail-oriented. My gums were in extremely poor condition, but through time, patience, and Dr. Anderson’s helpful care, now both my gums and my teeth are gorgeous. He was, and still is, an amazing, caring, professional, kind, encouraging, detail-oriented, and helpful orthodontist. Thank you Dr. Anderson! BW

Dr. Anderson is a fantastic orthodontist. I was under his treatment for over 4 years, and moved overseas in the middle of the treatment. Compared to my orthodontist overseas, he was much more professional, precise, and efficient in his treatment. People complain about his chairside mannerisms, but I found him to be pleasant and he always explained why he was doing something. When I arrived back from overseas, my other orthodontist was planning to remove my braces. However, I decided to wait and have Dr. Anderson review the treatment and sure enough, he found things to be fixed. My teeth are now impeccable and I am no longer embarrassed with an overbite, crooked teeth, or a crooked smile. I am 100% pleased with my treatment and would like to warmly recommend him to anyone who asks.

We have been with Dr. Anderson with both our daughters. Both are now recently completed with their braces and have very pretty smiles. Our experience has been very good. Dr. Anderson and his staff were always very nice. Occasionally we needed to change appointments and they were always very understanding. You will never feel like they are trying to rush you through the process. Braces and orthodontic work is a big investment and you want to feel like you made the right decision. We feel we did and the results are exceptional. Our thanks to Dr. Anderson and his staff.

Dr. Anderson has treated my two children and me. He and his staff are very professional and friendly. He is very prompt with his appointment times and does not keep you waiting. Dr. Anderson is very precise in his work and always has your best interest in mind. We are all very pleased with our smiles and would definitely recommend him.

hernan-alamoThank you for your professionalism and courteous attitude through my treatment. Your friendliness made my visits very enjoyable.



My daughter, Ryanne, was treated by Dr. Anderson. This was the best orthodontic experience of my life. My daughter and I absolutely loved Dr. Anderson and Staff. They were so professional, caring, and loving. They made us feel like family. I have a very busy schedule and they were always willing to work with me. She had her braces removed yesterday and I was just WOW’d by the results. Her smile is absolutely beautiful. She has gotten so many compliments about her smile from friends and family. Dr. Anderson is beyond AMAZING and he is the only orthodontist that I would recommend to anyone. If my other two children happen to need braces, I know who I will be returning to!! JL

We really appreciate everything Dr. A and his staff have done for me over the past two years. You are all extremely professional, good at what you do and the office is always organized and efficient! I have and will continue to refer others to you. DN

My sons, Christopher and Nicholas, have been treated by Dr. Anderson nearing 3 years now and considering the experiences we have had from various orthodontists in Austin and Houston, this has been by far the best. What I mean by the ‘best’ is that my wife and I had always, in the back of our mind, worried about a botched procedure or rude treatment as we have experienced or heard of before in other places, but which was never the case here. It’s actually comforting thinking back about it and never recall having any feeling of concerns, which we attribute to the genuine care and ease we felt from the staff as soon as we walked in the door. We also had heard nothing but great stories from other friends which referred us to Dr. Anderson. One thing we noticed right away with Dr. Anderson is that he is always thinking ahead to making sure the best possible outcome. I cannot describe it all in a few sentences but it is these little things you can tell that separate the few from the pack. The results of my sons’ procedures have been AMAZING! Perfectly aligned! Thank you Dr. Anderson and to your wonderful staff! JC

For the 4+ years our family has been coming to Dr. Anderson, we have always received kind and courteous service. The staff has consistently demonstrated a true concern for the well-being of the patients. We have appreciated the kindness. LR

Once I became a teenager I noticed I had a severe overbite. We all know going through awkward teenage years can be difficult. So, not only did I have an overbite, I also had teenage acne. This did not help my shy personality. I would cover my mouth whenever I laughed. My mom promised me she would get me braces, unfortunately she never did. My acne eventually cleared up, but my teeth got worse over the years. Well, as I got older and became a nurse, I could now afford to get that perfect smile I always dreamed of. I kept putting it off and dived head first into my career and became a travel nurse. I finally settled down in Houston, Texas. I told myself since I waited this long ( I was  34) I wanted the best orthodontist in Houston! One day I was sitting in my new apartment and I just started going through the phone book to look up orthodontists. I promise I think God led me to Dr. Anderson. I turned the pages in the phone book and there was his picture with a brief bio. I forget now what the bio said, but for some reason I knew he was the “ONE”! I do remember it stated he had years of experience and had a lot of certifications. So, I made an appointment and drove to Katy, Texas. I live in the Medical Center. I didn’t care about the drive, if he was the best it didn’t matter! Boy, was I impressed! Dr. Anderson and his staff were awesome. I knew I had made the right decision. I took a leap of faith and started the process. I was so excited!! The day I got my braces off was one of the happiest days of my life! One of his assistants held up the mirror and all I could do was cry. I am getting teary eyed typing this. I was so embarrassed for crying. It was tears of joy and all those years of not feeling pretty. Let me tell you….. I now smile all the time, no more covering my mouth! I get compliments all the time! My friends back home in Alabama tell me constantly how pretty I look! I am so happy with my results, words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. Anderson. God has given him a special talent! Dr. Anderson exceeded my expectations. He is the best! Dr. Anderson gave me a new lease on life and increased my self-esteem! Please give him a try! You will not regret it, and that’s a promise! KC

Anthony-ThompsonOur son, Anthony, was born with only half a set of permanent teeth. It’s a rare condition called oligodontia; so rare that many dental professionals have never treated it. We knew the average orthodontist would not work for us. We chose Dr. Anderson because he had experience working with challenging cases and he more than lived up to his reputation. Dr. Anderson created the treatment plan and served as the lead for a dental team that worked together for over 10 years to manually build bone structure and eventually insert 10 implants. It was a difficult treatment plan that included 11 surgeries, multiple appliances and the ability to perfectly position teeth that were surrounded by blank spaces. Anthony ended up with a beautiful smile that will last for years. More importantly, he can now eat properly. You see, nutrition is a major concern when a child doesn’t have teeth. Treatment took so long because certain things couldn’t be done until our son reached certain stages of growth. We gave Dr. Anderson a nearly impossible case and he gave us spectacular results. If you have a special case, Dr. A is the orthodontist for you.
Beth & Jim Thompson Katy, Texas

Morgan-PaceWe are so grateful for Dr. Anderson’s expertise! He did wonderful work with Morgan!!!!Morgan Pace

Dr. Anderson uses The Damon System. I was skeptical when I was told from the beginning that it wouldn’t hurt nearly as much as the conventional braces did, but it has been an absolute truth! I haven’t had to use any pain killer for any of the changes made to my braces. It’s very common for some of my friends to tell me that they’ve had to eat soup for a month every time their braces are “tightened”, but not with what Dr. Anderson uses. He and his staff have very keen eyes to details and perfection. My teeth and my facial profile have changed so much, I’m excited for the moment my braces will come off (hopefully very soon!). He also has two very conveniently located practices, and the one in Katy is loaded with all kinds of games and has free Wi-Fi. Though waiting is rare, when I have to wait it is never really more than 10 minutes. Price is a bit steep, but totally worth it. None of my teeth have had to be extracted, where as if I had the conventional braces, at least two would’ve been extracted. Totally recommended! WF

I am amazed at the results Dr. Anderson has achieved with my son’s treatment. My son’s case was very complex, but Dr. Anderson stayed committed to getting a good result. Dr. Anderson is very detail orientated and it shows in the end result. Thank you Dr. Anderson and all your staff. JQ

Seeing the wonderful results for both of my sons’ braces and the continual care and affection displayed by Dr. Anderson and his wonderful staff, who I have come to know closely, has just been remarkable. We once won movie tickets from them, but in reality, it was just another small token of kindness and affection to the friendships made and exceptional results in his practice. Thank you for being as dedicated and caring as you are and to the same love and caring from your staff. Thank you! JC

I have had braces twice as an adult: once when I was 31 and again when I turned 39. It was amazing to me to see the difference between my first orthodontist and Dr. Anderson, even in my initial exam! Not only were Dr. A’s skill’s that evident to me, but my x-rays showed that the TMJ the first ortho was supposed to address had not been fully addressed – how disappointing to see the wear and tear on my joints had continued. I loved the staff and the treatment at Anderson Orthodontics, and my smile is now perfect! I get so many compliments on my smile. The Damon 3 braces that were used were also more “comfortable” than the traditional train-track braces that I had the first time. Dr. A’s office also made my retainer the same day that I had my braces off, when other some orthodontists take a week or two. I would highly recommend Dr. A to anyone looking for treatment. Not only was Dr. A’s treatment awesome but I have a dental phobia and the staff would cheerlead and encourage me through my appointments. The offices have a great layout and, especially as an adult, I felt like I had some privacy for my appointments instead of being in an “open bay”, where my last orthodontist and staff just circled the room and everyone could hear your business. I have nothing but good things to say about Anderson Orthodontics and I bet you’d feel the same way! KP

On May 11, 2009, I began a journey that in all my 46 years I thought I would never accomplish. My smile was less than desirable to say the least. I had severe crowding of my upper front teeth and I was very self-conscious of this fact. Dr. Anderson and his staff have been fabulous!!! He is a wonderful miracle worker and is super thorough. He explained every procedure and gave clear instructions. He was not just concerned with a beautiful smile, but also proper jaw alignment and bite. I can’t stop smiling! It only took 2 years and it was well worth the wait. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an orthodontist. Dr. Anderson is more than just a great dentist. He is an artist who produces picture perfect work! TA

EPSON006I have been in the dental profession for quite some time now, and I’m really picky on where I go to get my dental services. I had first heard about Dr. A through my dentist. She was in braces with Dr. A for jaw related issues as an adult, and has been really happy with her results. I was really skeptical about going into braces because I had previous treatment with Invisalign, but having the same joint issues as an adult, like my dentist, I was eager on giving it a try. I didn’t realize that not only is it very important for teeth to be aligned for cosmetic beauty, but it is very important for our everyday function. You will be keeping your teeth for a life time, isn’t that worth improving? I’ve started my treatment for a year now, and I am very happy that I did. Dr. A treats you as a whole person, from not only making sure that he gives you a beautiful smile, but also helps you achieve your overall dental health by working with your dentist and other specialists. That is when you know that someone really cares about you and wants to take good care of you. There are definitely not a lot of dentist out there that will go that extra mile to take really good care of you like Dr. A. I only wish I had started sooner, if only I had known about him sooner. It is never too late, though! His office and staff is very nice and friendly, making you feel very welcomed like their own family. I highly recommend Dr. Anderson if you are looking for an orthodontist known for excellence and perfection!

I had wanted braces for years because I had a gap between my two front teeth. I wanted more than anything for my teeth to be straight. I was scared and didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Louis Anderson and his staff made me feel at ease. They are so friendly and willing to answer all my questions about braces. I was prepared for the journey on which I was about to embark; I was going to have straight teeth! Dr. Anderson’s facility is very clean and organized. At each appointment the staff and I would exchange family stories and catch up on all the small things that are important in life. I was the first of 6 people in my family to go to Dr. Anderson. I am proud to say that my picture is now on the wall of smiles with all the other people whose lives Dr. A has touched with his amazing talent. I have had a beautiful straight smile for over 8 years now. I wear my retainer every night to ensure a stunning smile. Thank goodness Dr. A. is a perfectionist because I wouldn’t want anything less for me or my family. Dr. A. gets an A+ in my book! CH

I wanted to personally thank everyone again at Anderson Orthodontics! After all the celebrating yesterday I woke up (with my retainer in) and went to look in the mirror at my beautiful teeth. When I compare my before and after photos I am absolutely amazed at the progress in only 2&1/2 years. Thank you to everyone again, I’m so happy with my new smile! P.S. The celebration champagne was phenomenal! Thanks again. SK

When it was time for my son to get his first ortho exam, it was natural for me to take him to Anderson Orthodontics. Dr. Anderson’s reputation in Katy was well established and I wanted the best for my son. I could never thank Dr. Anderson and his team enough for the wonderful smile they gave my son. The treatment lasted about 2 years and every appointment was fun and convenient. Dr. Anderson didn’t only straighten his teeth; he also, and more importantly, widened his upper and lower jaws giving more harmony  to his face. I would recommend Dr. Anderson to anyone looking for quality and lasting results.  MV

I am being frank when I say that I would not go to (or recommend) anyone else for orthodontic care. You and your staff are amazing at what you do. In your care, braces have been as enjoyable as they can be for the last 2-1/2 years. Thank you for everything. MB

Your office and team have done a fantastic job making my teeth healthy and beautiful! Your patience is greatly appreciated. The results exceeded my expectations by far. I am beside myself with joy at how great my teeth look. I know I can recommend you guys to anybody who may need it. Everyone at the office was so sweet and kind. I always looked forward to walking through your door because I knew I would be taken care of. Thank you so much for your time and hard work! P.S. Mom says thanks for turning tears of sadness into joy. JB

I’ve enjoyed my time in treatment with all of you. Thank you for taking good care of me after all of these years. Although I live in Austin now, I would definitely refer anyone for orthodontic treatment with you if they are in the Houston/Katy area. Within the three years I have been coming in, I have enjoyed getting to know all of you and seeing all the great changes. I will miss everyone dearly, and every time I see my nice, beautiful smile, I will remember all of you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! CH

The staff is always pleasant and everyone smiles when they greet you. The staff, whether on the phone or in person, always made me feel like they really knew who I was and not just a number or just another patient. I have no doubt that if Dr. A had been my original orthodontist, I would not have needed a second treatment. Whenever something upset me (due to my dental phobia), Dr. A would stop the action and talk me through it. Priceless! I love the way the treatment areas are set up and how they have windows. KP

I cannot thank Dr. Anderson and staff enough for giving me the beautiful smile I now have. You all are awesome and I’m glad I used Dr. Anderson and his staff. I truly appreciate everything. JR

I can’t adequately express my gratitude to Dr. Anderson and his excellent staff, except to say many thanks for making my experience so easy, informative and as painless as possible!!  My brother and sister both had braces in their teens (I was odd man out) and I believe my treatment was much less invasive. I truly feel like they are extended family members at Dr. Anderson’s. Everyone has been wonderful and always with a smile or greeting. Dr. Anderson is a lot like me – wanting to get everything “just right”, and I really appreciate the time he took to answer my numerous questions so I would feel comfortable and informed. Thanks everyone for the time we have spent together! PM

Your staff is amazing! I can’t tell you how much it meant for you all to work with us. Dr. A is meticulous at what he does and his work is outstanding. RB

My treatment experience at Dr. A’s office has been pleasant. Despite the drive the Downtown Houston, it was worth it! Dr. A and staff are extremely attentive and personable.Quynh T.

Nothing but positive praise for you and your staff from beginning to end on my boys.T. Kincaid