No beautiful smile will stay beautiful without a dedicated retention regimen. Dr. Anderson employs several types, depending on the retention needs of each patient. Every case has its own tendencies toward relapse. Retainers must be designed to work against these tendencies.

The types of retainers used by Dr. Anderson are listed below:

  • Upper wrap-around Hawleys (wire and acrylic);
  • Lower mandibular Hawleys (wire and acrylic);
  • Lower bonded cuspid to cuspid (fixed)
  • Clear Suck-down (Slipcovers) – upper or lower
  • Invisalign retainers (clear)

Decades of research has shown that the best way to keep teeth where they are placed during treatment is to wear retainers full-time for twelve months. Then, at night, forever. Dr. Anderson, his staff and our patients work very hard to achieve beautiful and healthy smiles, well balanced facial features and attractive profiles. Good retention practices can make these things become a lifetime reality.